My world in Monterosso Bay

Cinque Terre - Monterosso

As a writer, I am often writing about different locations around the world… some that I have never even been to! Needless to say, I need to do my research on them before I can place my characters there.

One of these fabulous places is the seaside bay of Monterosso, situated in the Italian Riviera. Beautiful setting, with calming and serene local energy, and always basking in the warm glow of the Mediterranean.

Monterosso Sunset

In my house this morning, we were talking about the fabulous places we would live if we won Lotto. I chose Monterosso Bay. Everyone looked at me as if I had just made it up until I explained that it was in Italy.

I see this bay as being a writing and surfing retreat for myself. This is not a place that I would probably take my family to, as I can imagine that since they love a faster pace of life – they would probably get rather bored. But for myself? There would be wine on the terrace in the dusky evenings, early morning surfing in the bay, food markets with the locals, and writing the Great Kiwi Novel during the day. Sounds like heaven? Well in my mind – it is.

There is just something about the Italian people that inspires me. Working hard, playing hard, and generally enjoying love and life. This seems like a wonderful way to live. Wholesome produce to eat, good wine, and salty water. Most important of all I feel that this environment would give me the mental space and inspiration to write.

The Dream Door of my writing retreat

Places are a great way to inspire you… sometimes it is as simple as your own personal writing space in your house. Other times this inspirational spot could be the beach, your office, the train (I love writing on the train), or even a coffee shop.

My other writing retreat is my library that we have built in our house. Beautiful room, with dark army-green walls, rich fabric curtains, the most amazing surround sound-system for my writing music, not to mention it’s lined with books by inspirational authors. It looks out over the garden, my favourite tree, and towards the morning sun-rise that creeps over the mountains in the distance.  It’s hard not to feel inspired in that room. And I guess that until I win Lotto, that’s where my current writing retreat will stay.


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