“Many hands make light work…”

Well, I guess this quote all depends on the type of work that you are doing. I read a blog interview lately about a ghost-writer. I have often thought that perhaps ghost-writing could be an avenue that I could detour through as part of my writing career. But after reading the interview, I have definitely decided that I just don’t think I could hack it.

This is how I see ghost-writing:

  1. A ghost-writer is like a writer’s assistant
  2. The writer still thinks up all the ideas, and the ghost-writer fulfils those ideas on the writer’s behalf
  3. The ghost-writer may write a best seller, but will never ever get recognised for their work
  4. Rights to the work will never remain with the ghost-writer
  5. Ghost-writers are paid a fixed amount – no matter how much, or how little the book makes

But many hands make light work, especially for best-selling authors. Some authors can pump out a high volume of published work every year. I’m not saying that all these writers have ghost-writers working with them, but some of them definitely do. The author writes the scope of work, gives their ideas, and hands it over to the ghost-writer to write their little heart out, meanwhile they are bleeding all over the keyboard. (Sorry! Personal opinion published here!!)

While I couldn’t be a ghost-writer myself, I have so many ideas, unfinished work, plotted novels – that I sure could use one.

I’m pretty sure that there are many benefits of ghost-writing for best-selling authors… like learning the trade from the greats, but I don’t see this as fast-tracking your writing career at all. Good experience though.

So, there you go. My personal opinions on ghost-writing are now published… I have considered my options with it, but now I don’t think I ever could. Could you?


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  1. I love your beautiful new blog, Leigh:)

    I don’t think I could be a ghost writer either. I have too many stories of my own to write without having to try and fit someone else’s into my headspace as well.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    I’m just off to add you to mine:)



    1. Thanks Dee! Great to have you here in Parchment Place.
      I must say, I do love your blog. Every week when you release your Tuesday blog, I normally save it into my notes system so that I can refer back to it when I’m revising, re-writing etc. It’s great.

      And you’re quite right about the ghost-writing thing… Someone appraoched me to ghost-write the end their memoirs… I haven’t exactly said ‘no’ yet, but nor do I think I have the time. Even my own Mother has asked me to ghost-write for her!


  2. Leigh, I do love your blog! The name is perfect and matches perfectly to the look… or vice versa, I should say 🙂

    I’ve only found out about Ghost Writing last year… I think James Patterson does it… I didn’t like it though. I’d want my name on the book lol

    Italy… oh I’d love to visit there one day… yes, even live, but I would miss PEI too much!

    Dee, i love your site too! I’ve been saving your new blog for tonight when all was quiet. (then i can take notes 😉 )

    Great job, Leigh!
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI


    1. Hi Denise! Welcome to the Parchment Place family!!
      Yes – quite right about James Patterson… also Tom Clancy, Nora Roberts (apparently)…. but in saying that, many writers have been using ghost-writers for a very long time. It’s such common practice in our little publishing world these days.
      I agree about wanting our own work published under our own names… it’s sort of a bittersweet symphony in the literary world really, isn’t it?
      The ghost-writer gets fabulous exposure and experience for their writing without any risk to their name or ego, and never has to face ridicule or rejection… and then after all that – they go our on their own, as their own author, and faces rejection until they eventually tell a publisher or agent: “Hey, you know James Patterson’s latest bestseller? Yeah well, I wrote that for him.”
      Boom! Publishing contracting magically waiting on the table.
      Anyhoo – Pleased that you love the site. I’m pretty happy with it, and if anything – this will actually make me more accountable to blogging now… which is probably a good thing!

      Xoxo LKH


  3. Well done with your blogs and also with your novel writing. It takes a lot fo energy but wow when you get published. I now knmow what ghost writers do. I too could do with a few good at technical writing! ab


    1. Thanks Ange! Great to see you here 🙂 I’m not too sure I could write technical docs… do enough of that stuff in my day job… but I’m sure between the two of us we know someone who could ghostwrite for you 🙂


  4. Hi Leigh 🙂
    I did not know Nora Roberts too… i loved her Jewel in the sun series 🙂 I tried to get into more of her books, but, try as i might, It didn’t happen.

    I love the header’s font and how you have it, Leigh 🙂 I redid mine, but it’s just with templates… i have to redo it again to make everything fit. I like blogging… it’s like an online journal… without the secretive stuff LOL!!



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