Many ideas… so little time

I am in constant awe of those writers who can pump out blog after blog, and still have time to write novel upon novel.

Epiphany anyone?

There are some blogging challenges out there that are a ‘blog-a-day’ or ‘blog-a-week’ challenges. These are the challenges that some of my friends are actively participating in during 2011. Like many writers, they pluck their ideas out of the ether of their surrounds, and blog it out there for the whole world to read.

I am jealous. I find that when I have a blog idea, I think that I could never forget it. But once again… Much to my disappointment, I have. The inspiring blogging moment that had my creative brain in a whirlwind of activity has come and gone. Bugger. (ß Very common NZ slang…. I know that I probably shouldn’t use profanity on here…)

So I now know that blogging a lot of the time are fleeting moments of inspiration that I’ll just have to jot down in the future in order not to forget them. I’m going to have to start up a new system somewhere in my notebooks for it. There are so many ideas out there, it’s up to me to capture them, and store them somewhere until I have the time to write them out. If you ever want to read some incredible blogs – just take a look at my blog roll to the right hand side of this screen. Each of those people have extremely targeted and focussed blogs. And they publish new blogs, if not every day, then every other day. Each of those bloggers are incredibly talented, some even award winning.

Always on the go...

I read copious amounts of material. This is another activity that takes up huge amounts of time. During the day at my Evil Day Job (EDJ) I send home many links to information on the web of articles that I need to read to stay on top of my chosen craft. Do I get through it all? Not always. Each night when I get home from work, I open up my email accounts, and start reading my way through it all. Then I either file it away if I think it’s useful, or I dump it. When I’m not catching up on the reading, I’m normally chatting away to my writers groups, developing characters, doing research, or even just chilling out reading a good book. I consistently read novels at night before I drift off to sleep. And if I don’t get all my reading done, then I take it with me where ever I go, just in case there is a chance that I can harness a small snippet of time to inhale more knowledge and information.

And then… after all this, I have my own work to write as well. I have books to produce, readers to please, but most of all – the self-satisfaction and balance that it provides me. So not only to I work in the corporate EDJ world for forty hours a week… I like to be able to put in at least another twenty-five hours a week to the reading and writing that I have dedicated myself to. My husband, who is a sporty health freak, thinks that I’m nuts. He constantly says to me, “You spend eight hours a day in front of a computer at work… how can you possibly stand to even start up your computer at home?”

Easily. I’m on a mission.

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” — Stephen King


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