Finally Time! Free E-book ‘Son of Ereubus’ (via Welcome to the Asylum)

Check this out! This is my friend JS Chancellor’s book. Out to the masses… for free! Yes. That’s right. If you want to know more about how this came about – check out this article:

This author is revolutionary in trying to combat piracy of her work, and look – it’s working. So if you download the book, give her a review – or drop her a line of what you thought. Her second book of the series Blood of Adoria is due out this year. For more info – check it out here:

So that’s it from me at the moment. But one more thing that I should probably say… this is a lesson to be learned by all writers in today’s environment. Thank you, Ms Chancellor, for leading the way. You really are inspirational. All the best, my friend.

LKH xoxo

Finally Time! Free E-book 'Son of Ereubus' The time has finally arrived! Here is the link for the free copy of Son of Ereubus (it will go live shortly. If it isn’t yet, don’t panic, just check back in a little while). Once you reach the author page, there is a widget with sliders and you should see the different E-versions of the book available for download on the Son of Ereubus page. Again, there are no strings attached or special things you have to do—no lists to sign up for, nothing. … Read More

via Welcome to the Asylum

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