We are all heroes (via Christchurch City Libraries Blog)

This is a post is written by my cousin.
When the earthquake struck, my beautiful cousin was on the fourth floor of the Christchurch City Library where she works.
All I can say: THANK GOODNESS she’s okay. Yes, she is incredibly stressed out from the experience. Yes, she is more than hyper-

2 minutes silence. NZ stopped at 12.51pm - 1 March 2011

aware that she could have died. Yes, when she says that they need support, she really means it. No matter how much, or how little you have to give – this is the time when these people need it the most. As she said – even a hug is more than appreciated. And keep the love coming! This is not a short-term disaster.

This is a time for community, and a time for love.
This blog post is for you my cousin. You are an amazing and beautiful person – and I’m overwhelmed with the effort you are making to help others, as well as support everyone with all the turmoil that you are enduring yourself.

Over the last week, amidst so much tragedy, I am sure we have all been witness to tiny miracles of incredible importance, small acts of great courage and kindness, and immense love – in all its forms – generously given without hesitation. Many, like myself, are asking “What can I do to help?”. For those of us who have evacuated the city, and others around New Zealand (and the rest of the world, for that matter) who were not there to feel the grou … Read More

via Christchurch City Libraries Blog


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