Versatile Blogger Award

Wow. I have been humbled beyond belief. Today, this blog earned itself an award from TG Ayer. Go check out her blog if you get the chance, it’s a wonderful space to spend time in. She has also named a bunch of other blogs that she believes deserves this award, and I’m feeling rather proud by the blogging company that Parchment Place finds itself in.

As part of accepting this award, I have to tell you seven things that you never knew about me.

  1. The oven has a personal vendetta against me. This isn’t to say that I can’t cook… because I can. It’s just that every time I put anything near it, it decides that it’s had enough, and burns everything – just to spite me.
  2. I want to travel to every country in the world. Yes, I do realise that this could be a dangerous mission with some parts of the world, but there is nothing quite like travel-bug thrills.
  3. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, my life aspiration was to become an architect.
  4. I am an extremely typical Aquarian. See here for more of a defined explanation.
  5. Even though I have always been a bit of a tomboy, I truly thought that I was some sort of tough princess when I was little, and that one day my knight in shining armour would one day ride by, and pluck me off my pedestal. I was never into pink, barbies, or any of the girly stuff… but I did like shiny sparkly things. (I was probably a magpie in my previous life.)
  6. I was trained by both of my mothers and grandmother to be a violinist, pianist, dancer, and show-jumper. My father trained me to be a lateral thinker, artist, and strategic thinker for the greater good.
  7. I love dragons. Not the pretty sparkly ones, but the more vicious ones. Preferably ones like the Welsh Dragon that resides on top of my desk, or Chinese dragons. This does not mean that I want to come face to face with a real one though! I will not be running up to it to give it a cuddle or a smooch.

So, after all that embarrassing personal stuff, I’m going to pass this award on to a few blogs that are very versatile, and definitely deserve it. Go check these amazing blogs out if you get the chance. You will find them amusing, packed with information, and you never know what sort of diamonds and shiny sparkly things you might find in their midst.

And as promised to TG Ayer, I here are the images of my writing spaces at home:

My library
My bedroom writing space


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  1. Nice photos- now when you say you are off to write I can imagine where you will be. So we have general study and bedroom writing space covered. We just need the cosy armchair tucked away in a wee corner to make the perfect trio 🙂
    xx Tee


    1. Ooooh, we do. I do actually have a sofa in our bedroom that I read on… I generally have to clean off all the clean washing from it though, because its the clean washing dumping area. You need to flick me an image of your bedroom writing space 🙂


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