When it rains, it pours

It appears that this blog has made another impression on someone today. Kim Koning at Dragonfly Scrolls has decided that I should be awarded the ‘Stylish Blogger’ award as well.

It’s funny, you know, as I have been seriously contemplating giving my blog a bit of a facelift so that it aligns better to my new website: Leigh K Hunt – A Parchment Journey. So, hopefully it will look a lot smarter and more along the lines of a ‘thriller writer’s’ blog. So, who knows, next time you see this blog it might just be in a different style – you never know.

Consider this the pre-warning of things that may be to come. (If I find a theme that I actually like.)

Oh, and the picture of the dragon? Well, that’s my wee welsh dragon that sits on top of my writing desk in our bedroom. Posting it on here for Deena Remiel… since she asked to see it. She believes in angels… I believe in dragons.

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