A writer’s update

So close! So, so, so close!!

What am I talking about?

The end of my current work in progress – Talent Uprising. Yes, I am just about jumping for joy, and I haven’t even crossed the finish line yet.

Last weekend, early on Sunday morning I was chattering away to one of my critique partners. Every day we make a list together about what writing work we would like to get through for day, and we were discussing this abdominal list that I had to get through. Then she said something to me that made me pause. “Leigh. What about your own writing? There is no point writing blogs, or critiquing work, or doing everything for everyone else, if you are not actually making any real progress on you own stuff.”

I knew she was right. Oh man, she was more than right. Then she said to me, “Come on – let’s just do ten minutes right now together, and then you have at least accomplished something for yourself this weekend.”

And so I opened OmmWriter, and I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I finally stopped because I had to, but the main thing was that I actually got something down for me! Then on Monday, I did the same thing, and spat out close to two thousand words before I even started work for the day. Tuesday, wasn’t so good, but it was still over a thousand words on the page. (I’m telling you… if you don’t have OmmWriter – go and get it. Wonderful programme to write in. Absolutely fabulous.)

You see, the reason why I am so excited about all this, is because I am wrapping up the ending of a book. I can almost feel the complete novel. I promised myself that I would get this book written by mid-June, and I am almost there. And I love that feeling more than anything else in the world. If I just keep tapping away at it, day by day, in my own little NaNoWriMo style, then it will be done. I would like to reach a minimum of 85k of words before I put the pen down on this book.

Then I’ll be celebrating. Maybe. I the meantime, I’ll just keep writing till I get there.

Port Underwood, Marlborough Sounds

This weekend I am in the Marlborough Sounds, working on the house. So, think of me up a ladder doing under floor insulation and painting. Yuck. These things do need to happen though, and I need to keep visualising how lovely it will once it’s all finished. Naturally I would much rather be at home for the three day weekend just doing my own thing, but there are necessities in life that you are obligated to. Besides, the Marlborough Sounds is beautiful, and there is lots of inspiration here for me.

In other news, the hard copy of Tales for Canterbury is getting sent out, and I am so praying that I have my copy sitting at home for me when I get back there. Very exciting! It’s a shame I can’t frame it. Well, I could… if I box framed it, but then I wouldn’t be able to read it!

Next weekend I plan on sorting out the feng shui of my library, not that Husband actually knows that yet. But he’ll figure it out when he sees me dragging things through the library door and piling them up in the living room. When I get it all sorted out, I’ll blog it with a picture. I just need to double check all of the measurements… and maybe use my wheel barrow as a skip bin to throw out horrendous amounts of junk. I promise that I won’t throw my first drafts though, despite the need for it. I’ll put them somewhere safe so that I can reflect on them later in life.

And according to Marie Burgos, a feng shui interior designer says:

GETTING RID OF CLUTTER: is an essential step to apply as the problem with clutter is: “it leaves no room for growth!”

I think that’s about it from me at the moment. Editing of The Mediterranean Source is planned to start in mid-June. Fingers crossed that I stick to my timeline.

Oh, and almost forgot to say – this is Parchment Place’s 50th post in the blogging world!


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  1. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO TOLD ME ABOUT OMMWRITER!!! I absolutely love it. I use it for everything, and it’s only been a week or two since I downloaded the FREE version. I copy/paste my work into a word doc afterward but I’m able to think more freely. I really love it. Thanks for posting about it, and great job getting something accomplished! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the other things we do that we forget to take some time for ourselves!


    1. Ah, I’m glad that you love it. I completely love it. It’s the best writer’s haven ever designed 🙂 You should download the bigger version when you get sick of the smaller version and you want a little more background options.


    1. Yeah – It feels great knowing that I’m almost there with this book – I love the adrenaline that you get when you are wrapping something up. And I’m so super-stoked the TfC will probably be at home waiting for me to dive into. Very exciting!


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