Monday Musings

My good friend Tee G. Ayer usually has a regular Wednesday blog post, with just a quick update of where she is at, or anything that is going on. I thought that to get me back into regular blogging, then I would start up a quick weekly post as well. Then once I’m back up and running properly with the blog, I’ll evenually drop it.

So… here is the first of the Musings for you.

  • Seriously wish that we had won Lotto over the weekend so that I could just disappear somewhere.
  • Wish I went to the LA SCBWI conference this weekend with a bunch of writing buddies. Another year maybe.
  • Need to draw up an editing plan for The Mediterranean Source, so that I know where to start. Have already dropped the document into Scrivener, and am appalled that about 50% of my chapters are sitting around 4500 words in length.
  • Minimising carbs in my food intake is becoming a serious hindrance. Mental note: Learn more carb-free stuff to cook – other than salad.
  • Freaking out by some of the dreams I have been having lately. Some, yes, would make good books… but others are just plain scary. I’m not so impressed with Alien Invasion type dreams. They scare the pants off me.
  • Cannot understand why my mother is such a pain in the ass. (Love her to bits, but seriously… starting to get very sick of constant gossiping.)
  • Wondering exactly how much time will be genuinely dedicated to writing this week. Could help if I drew up a new timetable.

So… I think me for the moment. Might try and write up this new plotting plan for the editing this week… then I won’t feel so lost.

Have a good week everyone! Ciao ciao!


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  1. Hey Leigh! Carb-free encourages the midnight snack monster to awaken and rummage through your pantry. Instead, I encourage you to increase your intake of veggies and fruit (yes, they’re carbs too) and eat more protein-based foods (beans, legumes, lean meat and fish) to keep you fuller longer. Contrary to popular belief (and a booming weight loss industry), carbs are not evil. They are what fuel our brains. Aha! Brain food! If you need any tips or have any questions, hit me up. I’ll do my best to help you out on that one.

    Otherwise, good luck with your musings and goals!!


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