Monday Musings

I can’t quite believe that we are already at Monday. Again.

I have never been a good Monday person. For some reason though, I can usually get up and out of bed without too much of an issue. By the time I hit Friday though, my mind and body is over the fact that I actually have to go to work for a 5th day, and I procrastinate my way out of bed to the shower. Then I procrastinate in the shower, until my husband boots me out, and after all that procrastination, usually we are running a few minutes late by the time we leave. It’s awesome.

So… here are my current musings:

  1. Snow. It’s snowing at the moment! I’m from the great South, so I seem to have a positive affiliation with
    Wellington Snow!

    snow. Mind you, down there when it snows hard, we all get days off work to snuggle up at home, and ‘chill’ out 🙂 Up here, there is absolutely no such luck. The dumping is not heavy enough… it melts to nasty slushy stuff, and the wind chill factor forces you inside because it’s a little miserable out there. But at the moment, I am still enjoying the fact that it’s on the ground. I can just imagine that all my work colleagues are going to be moaning about it though. Hehe. 🙂

  2. Editing. My editing plan is up and running, and now I just need to get stuck in and implement it. Marvellous. I’m really looking forward to having the final product sitting my hands in all it’s glory. One day I will write a post about how I edit…
  3. Didn’t win $20 million from Lotto in the weekend, but I have my fingers and toes crossed to win $23 mil next weekend.  I think that would do me nicely.
  4. I keep thinking that I should really take a drive up the coast a bit, and visit my critique partner. I have been meaning to visit her since May, and I still haven’t managed it. She’s only a few hours drive from my place too!! Shocking.
  5. I seriously cannot be bothered with the Evil Day Job this week. There is so much damn filing that I need to get through (because I have been procrastinating on that, too), and I have no doubt that the staff are going to be on edge when I send stuff out to them to complete. Ah well. That is what pays the bills until I win Lotto. Once that happens, I’ll be able to work from home as a full-time writer, and wouldn’t that just be bliss. For the moment, it’s EDJ, and part-time writing. And this week – it’s mainly editing.

Ciao ciao for now!


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  1. I love snow myself. Sadly, it takes a blizzard and a lot of ice to close up shop around here (and the only reason I even get that is because I work at a community college XD Yay for staying in a school system!), but it doesn’t take the joy out of getting the first snow of the year. ^_^

    Good luck with the editing! And I’d love to see a post about your editing process. It amazes me how differently we all work. ^_^


    1. Yes, I think I will write a post about my own editing process. It’s actually very simple. No fear! You just have to move past all the fear, and then break your worlds apart. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that we all end up with relatively similar results at the end of the day. it’s just the pathway there that is a little different. 🙂


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