Middle Book Blues Magic | Leigh K Hunt (via Wrestling the Muse)

One of my good writing friends asked me to guest post on her blog. So, feeling very privileged, I drafted up a post and sent it through to her.

If you wish to have a read, head on over to Kim’s blog to discover my woes with the Middle Book Blues and how I learnt how to fight them.

Happy reading!

Middle Book Blues Magic | Leigh K Hunt Today I have the pleasure of Leigh K Hunt guest posting. She comes with a wand of magic dust that she is going to use to blow magic back into your manuscript. We all have those times in a manuscript when we hit a crossroads. We may have been excited by the beginning and can’t wait to write the climax but then there is that pesky middle that we have to get through. We know we have to get through it, there is no other way to the climax. We may read … Read More

via Wrestling the Muse

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