Monday Musings

Welcome back to Monday. Was meant to post another blog last week, but due to my ‘baby-brain’ it didn’t quite happen. Might happen this week. I’m easily distracted by food and sleep. Surprise surprise…

I had a lovely weekend with my buddy Cassie Hart at her place in Taranaki. I met Cassie through working with her during the Tales for Canterbury period. Something just struck a chord between us, and we have been firm friends ever since. Met through a mutual cause, and maintained our friendship, which is done rather easily since we are both passionate about very similar things.  

As for my musings for this week – here they are:

  • A little Taranaki surf to whet our Summer appetites…

    Summer is coming, and I am more than aware of the urgent need to upgrade my wardrobe with clothes that will actually fit me throughout this period. This is happening though through the awesome donations from a few friends, which I am super stoked about. Being pregnant, and about to hit 30 odd degree weather at my house is not going to be too much fun. However, with a little help from my friends and family, I might just get though!

  • I’m gutted there is no surfing this summer for me… however – there will be plenty of swimming at the beach next to my house. Gotta have something to cool me down a bit!
  • Editing should be moving, but since my Evil Day Job is rather full on at the moment, the editing isn’t moving as fast as it should be. I need to throw more focus at it, and get it all out of the way. Starting tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
  • I’m still mulling over ideas for NaNoWriMo this year. I think that even if I can get through 25,000 words this coming November, I will be pleased with myself. The lack of writing has been getting to me a bit, but I do also realise that all my thoughts are completely scrambled at the moment… so I’ve just been taking a bit of a break. I would really love to finish the Talent series though. I think that would be a worthy achievement before little Bumpkin is born.
  • Christmas is just around the corner, and I haven’t even thought about what to get people yet – haven’t even discussed what we are doing for it! I guess this is a conversation we better have rather soon though. I have recently thrown all my outdoor furniture out – so I might need to get some more if people want to have it at our house.
  • Totally LOVE the new chilling and reading space that we created last week in our living room. Its working really well. I sit there and read in the afternoons, and gaze out at the garden. It’s brilliant.
  • One of my best friend’s is moving to Brisbane sometime soon… and while I’m extremely proud of her for taking the leap, and living her life to suit her and no one else, I know that I’m going to miss her. But I am extremely proud of her. Our lives are ours. And it’s completely up to us to change it if we don’t like the stagnant or mundane phase it’s in. She’s moving to a city where the sun shines happily, the weather is normally pretty decent, it’s warm… even in a southerly.

I think that’s it from me today. I look at the above thoughts and think that perhaps I had better put together a decent little list and start working through it!

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