Monday Musings

Well… It’s Monday Morning. But it’s not just any Monday morning. Every year – the 31st of October is the same for me. Firstly, it’s my husband’s birthday today. Secondly, it’s also the ‘scariest’ day of the year, which means that there will be many Halloween celebrations happening around the world…. and thirdly, it’s the day before NaNoWriMo starts.

Needless to say, today I am feeling a mixture of things. I’m apprehensive because I don’t feel ready for NaNoWriMo. I’m also excited because it’s NaNoWriMo, and there is nothing quite like the amazing 30 day adrenaline rush that you get during NaNo. I’m happy because it’s my husbands birthday, and that’s always a good day during the year. I’m weary because I have to be at work today, and I would really and truly just prefer to be at home pottering about. And then there is Halloween. It’s not really a big thing in NZ… We never get kids around, and probably because we live where there is 60% elderly population, and I somehow don’t think they are going to dress up for candy. Each year, we buy yummy stuff just in case one comes knocking, but usually it’s very quiet. . Then I just end up eating it. So – a pointless exercise really.

And so my October ends, and a new week begins.

In the meantime. This is what I am musing about today.

  • Thinking that I seriously need to be more organised for NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow. But – I have actually been less organised for November in the past… I’m sure I’ll be fine.
  • So amazingly impressed about our kitchen. My mother in law came up last week, and felt inspired to clean down our kitchen so we could paint it. We have been meaning to paint our kitchen since we moved into the house more than five years ago… and it was a delicious colour of bright, bright yellow. Now it looks much better in an off white sort of colour, with a lovely white ceiling. Much, much better. Would love to post a picture, but I left my phone at home this morning, so no can do. My living room is absolutely covered in crap from our kitchen. I still cannot quite believe it all came out of the shelves and the pantry…
  • There is so much more to do at home. I’m going to start a clear out of my books. There are thousands of them, and I will keep the best of them… but some (I hate to say this since I know how much work goes into producing one….) are rubbish. And it is time for them to leave my premises, and go to the loving home of someone else in this world.
  • We bought a new bed! Yippeee!!! Cannot wait till it arrives. Super excited. This will require a bedroom shift to make it all work. Magical. Perhaps this will assist with the multitude of sleeping issues I am having at the moment. *fingers crossed*

I’m pretty sure that’s it from me this morning. Looking forward to culling some of the rubbish out of my house. It’s Spring… actually – it’s more t han halfway through spring, but that’s all good!

Have a good week / Halloween everyone! Oh – and best of luck to those of you participating in NaNoWriMo this year! May the words be with you.

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