Monday Musings

For some of you it will be morning, and for some of you it won’t be. This morning our power went off right before I was about to jump in the shower. Needless to say, this morning has been a bit of an upheaval with me having to get everything together to go and shower at my office. I’m sure everyone really needed to know that. However, this brings me onto the subject of organisation. The only reason why I even managed this morning (in my ‘pregnant-brained’ state) was because I had everything ready last night. If I didn’t, then it really would have turned to chaos in our household.

And because I was so organised for writing on the weekend… I managed to crank through more than 22,000 words of edits on my manuscript. Yep, I know. That’s a hell of a lot. I now have about 12,500 words remaining in this manuscript to get through. However, there is a catch. This is the ending of the book that I am readjusting. I need to blow something significant up, kill a couple of people, throw another character into an awful state of depression, and then… just perhaps… everyone can live happily ever after. And that’s quite a bit to re-write and sort out. So… it may take me this week to get my head around it.

Fingers crossed that I finish it properly by the end of November. That’s still the goal. And if I finish it early, then I’ll try to wrap up the ending of the second book of the Talent trilogy.

Lots on my plate at the moment!! (Without even mentioning the fact that I work long hours, travel a lot, have a whole life I need to live, as well as grow a child.)

So what am I a’musing’ myself with this week?

  1. I’m amping myself up to finish the edits on this book, and flick it through to friend in Spain so that she can double-check me on the facts, and through to another friend who is going to nitpick the crap out of it. Then it can go out into the great world. My goodness… the nerves I am experiencing right now is beyond belief. Who knows if anyone will accept it. There will probably be a boatload of rejections come in, and many more edits to go. But at least I’m giving this process a shot now, whereas in the past I have always hidden behind my many piles of draft manuscripts. I’m actually okay with this though. Perhaps it has just taken me this long to actually prepare myself mentally for this challenge that lies ahead. I didn’t want to jump before I was ready. I didn’t want to submit any half-assed manuscripts that I knew could have been better.
  2. Our new bed arrived in last week, and far out – it’s amazing. Naturally, it took a night or two to get used to, but my goodness. I wake up, and actually feel as though the sleep I have had is decent – even if I wake up several times during the night for various reasons. I’m very impressed.
  3. I can’t wait to finish the second book of Talent. I just simply cannot wait to get it off my plate. The fact that I hadn’t opened the darn thing since July is really saying something. My creative brain just simply was not functioning at full capacity, and I couldn’t work myself out of the rut. It took a huge break away from it, and focussing on other tasks to actually let me work out a solution to the problems I was facing with it.
  4. Christmas is just over a month away, and I’m so not ready for this. This year, I have hardly bought any Christmas presents… I haven’t even discussed it with the husband, and my head is so wrapped up in the fact that I have these books to finish, and a child growing, that I can’t even begin to think about Christmas on top of it all. Most people I know are well and truly organised, and they have got most of their presents for their family. But I tell you what…. I am seriously looking forward to paddling around in a paddling pool when it’s too hot. At the end of last week, the heat was at about 20 odd degrees at our place, and I was seriously baking. I cannot wait for the paddling pool to arrive at our place from my sister-in-laws house so I can set it up and potter about in it. It’s either that, or I’m going out in public to throw myself in the sea at every opportune moment. (And I highly doubt the public will appreciate that!)
  5. I’m still trying to work out where to put our flatmate, all her stuff, and all of Bumpkin’s stuff until Bumpkin’s room is finished and organised.
    Speaking of Bumpkin’s room… within the next couple of weeks, we are going to tear apart our spare room. Yes, seriously. The walls are coming down, so is the ceiling… new wiring and lighting is going in, insulation installed, and then it will be re-built. Properly. Sigh. Big job, and I am very quickly becoming rather useless with carrying/lifting anything of significant weight. Yes, I am now becoming a stately pregnant woman who goes to anti-natal classes every week, and meets with her midwife almost as often.

After reading through that list… I really do think I’m musing on enough this week. So I think I’ll love you and leave you all for the moment. Till next time…


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    1. Haha – I’m starting to wonder if I’m overthinking these things a little! 😉
      But that is what my Monday Musings blog is all about. Getting it out of my head, and out on paper, so to speak.
      Big and exciting things in the future. Looking forward to it. Just have to prepare myself!


  1. Sorry about the power, Leigh. I know that feeling. We have a storm moving through today and tomorrow. Could lose power over Thanksgiving. Anyway, good job on all you’ve done.


    1. Lol – well. My washing line fell down yesterday as well! Gonna have to get Husband to use his handy-dandy tools to fix it. At least it gives him an excuse to tinker round with something!


      1. Well, now, that’s really bad when the washing line falls down on the job. Were there clothes just resting about on the lawn trying to dry out? We had that happen one time in Ethiopia when Mum was trying to dry a load of sheets. She was so not happy!


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