Waiting… with bated breath

I am due to have this baby any day now, and to be honest – I need to. It’s too hot, uncomfortable, and I just think it would be better to carry this child in my arms now, rather than in my body. I am completely over the fact that I can no longer move properly, my muscles don’t seem to work the way I want them too, and the fact that I need to use the step ladder just to shave my legs at the moment. And while pregnancy and I haven’t agreed much with each other… I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

I guess this is a little like waiting to open a Christmas present, (only you know what it is.) The major difference is that you don’t know what it will be like. You don’t know how it will eat, sleep, cry, or even what features and traits it will inherit from us. This is not like designing a character. It’s predetermined by mother nature. And not knowing these things is just like unwrapping a present at Christmas – although – you don’t know when the present will arrive.

Anyway, while it’s kind of exciting, because little Bump could arrive in any day at the moment, it’s also nerve racking for both of us because this is a new adventure for us as parents. Neither of us have had children before, so it’s going to be an awesome journey that we’ll be sharing with little Bump. When it decides to make its long anticipated appearance – that is!

Every little twinge or pain makes me wonder if it’s Bump coming or not. This is only to be expected at this stage though, considering Bump was ready for hatching a couple of weeks back. The days seem longer now that I am not working, but my husband seems to be rather pleased with himself now that he has a dedicated housewife. Haha. (Dreams are free, dear husband, because when Bump arrives on the scene I highly doubt the house will be nearly as spotless, or that dinner will be on time each night.)

So here I sit in this little house, writing away, and waiting with bated breath for our child to arrive on the scene.  One day soon, Bump will embark on its journey.


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    1. I’m trying to get a few things done… but really I feel as though I’m just ‘hanging’ about – filling in time… pottering around. Best I make full use of it. After all – I still have some little paintings to do before Bump arrives as I want to get them on the wall in Bump’s room. It’s a funny nesting process, I think!


  1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, Leigh! In fact, I was just wondering when Bump would embark on its journey this morning 🙂 I hope it is a short birthing process for you, that your baby cooperates fully.


  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as is Bump. Journeying with you from this side of the ocean. I remember those days before I had my first (Meredith Rose Ashe). I had nightmares I’d put her down somewhere and forget her only to find her somewhere months later in a closet or a drawer. I didn’t and somehow she survived my bungling parenthood to become the bright and beautiful woman she is today.

    I totally expect you to rock this parenting thing. Not always easy, and you end up with a few sleepless nigths along the way, but they do grow up and move away and suddenly the house is empty again. Enjoy every moment you have with your children. They just grow way too fast.

    Does your poor child have any idea that he or she will forever be known as Bump by all your readers?


      1. Yes, but unless you call it Everest, Bump is just much easier to call it. I’m sure we are all waiting with bated breath to find out its sex and name.


    1. I’m hanging! I know that everyone says to make the most of the free time while you have it… but I just feel like I have had free time for such a long time now – aka – 31 years, and I guess that now I am ready to share it with someone else.


  3. Best wishes to you and Bump. The thing I remember most about meeting my babies for the first time, after all the imagining and wondering, it was a profound sense of recognition: “Oh, of course this is who you are. You could not possibly be anyone else.”


    1. My step-Mother in law’s sister just had a wee baby 6 weeks ago. While the baby was in the womb, they kept calling it Hidey – because it was hiding away in there. And when the baby was born – they actually named it Heidi! It was very appropriate. 🙂 I don’t think that will be happening with the Bump though! Not such a flattering name! Hahaha.


    1. We are great today. Been out visiting friends, catching up on a bit of TV that I had taped and never got around to watching, and soon to start prepping dinner for dear Husband, so he can come home and put his feet up. I feel sorry for him as he works hard… and now he has no company on the journey in and out of town.


      1. Sounds like a great day. Sorry for the Husband, but pretty soon he’ll have LOTS of company when Bump comes along… He’ll probably wish for peace and quiet!

        My godson, Dmitri is just taking his first crawling moves at five months. I’m so jealous that I don’t get to see them except in photos. Can’t wait to get down to Texas and see him again. He’s growing and changing so fast…

        Hope you sleep well and Bump arrives soon. We all have our fingers, toes and other assorted body parts crossed for you.


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