I came across this blog yesterday, and for the first time in a long time – I logged back into Twitter.
I must admit – I have been a bad little tweeter. Actually – I have pretty much linked in everything I can to twitter, and have basically ignored it. But it really is an extremely good tool for writers and readers. It’s a great place to connect. You can join ‘chats’ and meeting new people through those is really valuable. I just need to learn to refocus on it, and use it more effectively.
So … to start me off – I found this little blog post, which is an awesome place to start. We shall see how I go!

WordServe Water Cooler

We all know that as successful authors we’re expected to market ourselves and this includes social media sites. Most find Facebook easy to use, but I’ve seen several authors confused or disheartened by Twitter.

I used to be one of them. For basic Twitter use, including #hashtags and follow back explanations, check out 8 Twitter Tips for Authors at the Blogging Bistro’s site. (She’s got great content, search through her archives & consider signing up for her daily tips.)

1. Who are you marketing to? Remember who your target audience is. Every tweet or link you share should provide value to this audience. You should tweet links to your blog posts and website, but here’s a good rule of thumb, for every 10 tweets, only 1 should be about your blog/book/website.

Retweet others, it’s a great way to build report, but remember, only retweet things that you think your…

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