In memory…

A good friend of mine wrote a lovely post – Lest We Forget in honour of Anzac day and her grandfather, and I thought that I would too.

This is in memory of my grandfather, Sir Andrew McKee – a determined man who fought hard, and lived hard. While I will always miss you – I only wish I could’ve known you better.


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  1. Hi from Chris,my grand mother was Sir Andrews sister M J Groves.
    Sam Mckee his father, is my great grand father so we must be sum sort of relative.
    Leigh my aunty norma is Andrews neice i keep in touch with her about family history i also have lots of bits and pieces from Sam Boat in bottle ship Sam come over in to NZ and his Portait.
    Lets keep in touch and meet some day
    Thanks Chris Groves


  2. My grandmother was Laura Bunn ,Minnie’s sister .i met -Andrew when he flew an RAF comet to new Zealand.later he lived here in Wllington A truly great man


  3. Hi Leigh. Your grandfather Sir Andrew was a wonderful man; I have such fond memories of him and Lady McKee. I spent much time with them as I grew up as your mother Cecelia and I were the best of friends. Although we have lost touch over the years I hope we can catch up.


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