Lucky seven…

Something different happened today in my blogging world. I was tagged in a Lucky Seven post by Melissa Pearl. This is a blogging game for authors that I have never heard of before, but one that I’m delighted to play.

The rules are that you must post an excerpt from one of your books and this excerpt has to be seven sentences, lines or paragraphs from page 77, seven lines down.

Now – how cool is that?

So here is a small snippet from my book The Mediterranean Source for you to have a squizz at.

She heard someone clear their throat, and froze. As she pulled away from Tom, she saw his eyes harden as he turned towards the door.

“Um…” Brooke said with embarrassment, refusing to look at them directly, “Josh wanted me to tell you that he has cooked up the steak, and dinner is on the table.” She quickly backed out the room, and they heard the door latch shut a moment later.

Ruby sighed with irritation, and sunk against him.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath with annoyance. He looked into Ruby’s eyes with defeat and sighed, “They were bound to find out sometime.”

I also get to tag seven other authors in this post for them to play this game as well. So here they are – and I can’t wait to see what everyone else has written.

  1. J.C Hart
  2. Meredith Rose Ashe
  3. Amber Craig
  4. Cat Connor
  5. Lisa Flaus
  6. Patti Larson
  7. Sacha de Bazin
ADDITIONAL NOTE: This is a special addition – I am also tagging in Dawn – who read this post and wanted to join in the fun.


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  1. I wish I had page one; let alone page seventy-seven! Thanks for sharing an excerpt of your seventy-seventh page, Leigh.


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