Things are happening

It astonishes me how neglected I have been towards my writing and my blog over the last six months! To bring it back to life a little, over the next wee while I’m going to have some guests hanging out here with me at Parchment Place, who will not be at all dull or boring. I’m sure there will be entertainment all round for the masses.

Abby officially turned six months old on Sunday, and to be honest, that scares the crap out of me. I simply can’t believe how fast it’s gone. It was also Father’s Day here in New Zealand – so a couple of weeks ago, Abby and I had a special photo-shoot for the occasion. Here is a picture of the gift Abby gave her dad for his first father’s day. I find that a little bit of effort goes an awfully long way, and her Dad loved it. That said, he still said that the best present was her of course!

In terms of my writing – well – now that I have started to catch the train relatively consistently, I am starting to power through some work! It’s fantastic, and I’m feeling really good about the progress that I am making with my edits. I have decided to change the name of The Mediterranean Source to Mediterranean Dreams. I am a bit sad about losing the old name, but too many people didn’t quite ‘get it’ in terms of the storyline, so I’m changing it up. With the title Mediterranean Dreams it sort of collectively shows that each of my characters in the book all has their own dreams and goals. So that being said, I think that this new title fits a little better.

I have also been working on new cover design for it – not with self-publishing in mind at this stage, but more to keep my head in the editing/revision game when I have had interruptions or not any long amounts of dedicated time. This book is definitely one that will be going out on submission to publishers as a first option. Call me lazy, but at this stage in my life I simply cannot be bothered with the work required to self-publish. Perhaps if I didn’t have a baby, or worked and travelled long hours, then I would probably consider it as more of an immediate option. One day it may even become an option… but for the moment, I’m sticking to traditional.

The Nights Series that I have been thinking about and planning seems to be growing and growing. I’m looking to getting this backlog of work out of the way before I officially start. I did start writing Tijuana Nights back in January, however, that has been put on hold until I work a few things out with the series idea. Let’s just say that Mack (McKenna) my main character is full of klutzy awesomeness.  She is a right piece of work, but I feel my character planning of her needs to be a bit more rounded out with the planning of the series. After all – most books are character driven with a character journey. So I guess this means she is going to have a few journeys throughout this series.  

I think that’s about it from me at the moment. I will start coming up with better blog posts shortly about all sorts of interesting things, so there will be some decent fodder to read, instead of all my updates! I will also have a few guests here as well. Onwards and upwards – time to reopen Parchment Place properly for business.


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    1. Feels amazing 🙂 Like I’m FINALLY starting to get back on track again. Now I just have to get through my list of 2012 goals before the end of the year! The biggest question is – can I do it?
      Not sure, but I’m damn well gonna try!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about self-publishing being just too much effort to contemplate.

    Glad to hear you are getting back in the game. The first 6 months are the hardest, and you have survived 🙂


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