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It’s amazing how our internal thought processes seriously effect how we write, what we write, and when we write. Writing is a completely cathartic process, whether we know it or not. (I know that there are many stories of writers out there who are alcoholics, drug addicts, etc etc… but those a a few out of many. And perhaps writing wasn’t enough to actually help those people… perhaps they needed a bit more of something.)

I am a true believer that our bodies and minds will heal themselves through a series of motions, if we allow it. I didn’t know that this was happening years ago when I first turned to writing, I was writing my way out of some pretty emotional issues that I was having due to my parents breaking up.

Little did I know the process of turning to my inner worlds and writing them out would lead me to writing a number of different books and stories. I always knew that I had them within me – I just didn’t realise that I had the potential to access them, warp them, process them, and churn them out into a readable format. This process of creativity is truly amazing.

Over the past ten weeks I have been living more of a holistic lifestyle. Yes – this does mean daily meditation, a mixture of yoga, pilates, and walking… and I’m eating differently. I cannot be bothered putting rubbish into my system anymore. I have absolutely had enough of it. So I have actively persued to change my lifestyle for the better. And I feel better. Much much better.

I consider writing and creativity to be a very major part in this holistic process. Writing and delving into my inner worlds throws me into a very zen-like trance, and there are often times that I am amazing by what I come out with.

So I say this here and now – find your Inner Zen Mode. This may be through meditation, writing, or some other form of other creative outlet (because we all have one). But whatever you do – you need to find it. It’s an incredibly important factor in your life, and you need to pay attention to it. I don’t know how I would get through my life at the moment without turning to it.

Of course there are days that you’re gonna have that are a bit rubbish… but hopefully if you can delve into your ‘Inner Zen Mode’ – they will only be moment – not whole days.

Finding your Inner Zen Mode is good for the soul. And your soul will thank you for it.




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  1. I’ve often thought for several years now that writing can be a form of meditation/healing. Especially free-flow in my experience. It’s almost like the page becomes your Therapist. Nice blog by the way!


    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I completely agree. I must admit I have turned to writing for therapy more often than turning to anywhere else. I just didn’t realise it at the time. In the past it has been daily free-writing, keeping diaries, and writing books.


      1. I advocate it so highly purely on the fact that at 15 I was scrapping a D at English and I began writing non-stop and, ended up where I am today as an Editor/Blogger. I really wish more people wrote. 🙂


        1. Oh I couldn’t agree more! Everyone should write. I think that everyone does, but just that the majority of people don’t know how to utilise writing as a cathartic process. People often say to me that they don’t understand how to be creative… in reality – it’s easy. But I think they just don’t understand how to tap into their imaginations and have some form of tangible creative output.


  2. Oh, absolutely. I often find a way to heal through my characters because there’s no way I can write the trauma of my life in non-fiction, so it comes out in the fiction and somehow my writer mind helps me help them and suddenly the answers I need are there. Definitely cathartic, but not on purpose.

    I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. Again. Every year it intimidates me, but this year, the words and voices of the characters are just sort of flowing from my fingertips, like they are sitting in my head and typing for me. I’m sure every writer has experienced that. It’s great fun. Going back and editing it into a cohesive whole is not so much fun, but at this point I’m still creating. I’ll get to the editing point in a month or so.

    Have a great time writing, Leigh. I think your holistic approach to life is pretty sensible.


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