Autumnal Light

It seems to be during the autumn every year that I seriously kickstart back into gear. I don’t know what it is, or why this happens. But I guess that in my view, autumn marks the period of time that I settle down into hibernation mode and knuckle down for the long winter.

Our summer has been a long one, and we have only just come out of a drought. It’s been tough going on the land, and for the farmers, but it has also meant that we have enjoyed some pretty spectacular weather. Today is a perfect Autumnal day… With hazy light, it’s refreshingly cool when the sun is behind the clouds, and yet when the sun shows its face, it’s rather hot and humid. Unusual variations for our autumn. This has also meant that in terms of writing work, I have been rather slack. I’m currently waiting for my Cherry Blossom to turn from its brilliant green to its beautifully rich crimson, which usually really marks the starting period of productivity and writing that I usually launch into over the colder months.

This past week has been seriously testing my ability to multitask and focus. My grandmother ended up in hospital with respiratory and heart problems. My daughter (who took her very first step today) ended up having a serious throat infection, a middle ear infection, painful teething, and to top it all off – chicken pox. I was in the middle of trying to critique a manuscript, work, as well as all the other every other normal life tasks. Needless to say, everything was put on hold, and I endured sleepless nights, long hours of driving to and from hospital, and dealing with a sick, feverish, clingy baby. Sometimes life is very testing.

Things are getting better though. Abby only really has her chicken pox to get through now. She even took her first steps today by herself, thus marking her big Toddler Milestone. Gran is out of hospital… although she still needs a bit of love and care. Hopefully things will improve… and I’m back trying to critique a manuscript for a friend (although now I’m behind my deadline), and get through my own work.

Changing of the seasons means productivity for me. Here’s hoping I can stay on track and meet my own goals I have set for the year. I’ve got a load to try and get through this year. 🙂

One place that I always love to work and write is on the train – so I’ll leave you with two photos of the view from my gorgeous mobile office on the way home tonight – sorry it’s a bit blurry!


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