I’m an addict

All sorts of exciting things have been happening in my life lately.

In the past few weeks, I have managed to read through the first two books of my YA trilogy, and take a good serious look at them. Now I am in the process of launching into the revisions and editing of the first book. Eeeep! I would totally love to say that its ready to go out to the world, but there are so many gaps to fill in this manuscript, and much to add to strengthen it. What is good about it though, is that the bones are there. It’s a good start to the trilogy, and a great introduction to a huge cast of complex characters. So because I have been thinking a lot about new scenes, and delving deeper – I have also been writing! Like, actually writing. Not just talking about it. And I’m loving it. New scenes keep turning over in my head, and then suddenly I want to spit them out. I’m seeing my thoughts come to fictional life again, and I have to say – I’m totally addicted to writing. It’s a buzz. A fix to my mental dependency of creativity. I just guess I forgot how much I was craving it. Now I really know that I need to keep getting my fix.

Book II has some seriously awesome moments in it too. I read through it with completely fresh eyes, thinking that I would need to figure out the ending to this book. But once I got there, I sat back and thought, ‘Why am I trying to figure out the ending, when it’s already finished?’ Isn’t that bizarre? For the past two years I have been thinking and mulling this book over in my mind, when subconsciously, I already knew that I had finished it. Interesting, huh?

Book III is going to get its plan reworked once I finish the editing of these books, and then if it’s really lucky, I’ll try and write it this year. If it’s lucky.

But it’s actually really exciting rereading over some of my stuff. Some of it was utter rubbish – don’t get me wrong. And it was funny, because some of the really seriously rubbishy parts was some of the bulk prose I was writing during NaNoWriMo a few years back. I must have been seriously floundering around during that November to spit out the amount of ‘internalising’ rubbish that I did. Ah well – the good thing about Nano is that it means getting words out on the page. Some are crap – that’s just the reality.

In other news, I gave my library a good makeover the other day. A friend of mine wrote a blog post about the Benefits of a Standing Desk, and so I thought that it would be a great option to have a Standing Desk in my workspace at home too. You should all go and read her blog post, as she raises some pretty important points for us – not just as writers, but for a bunch of humans who now lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle. In amongst the makeover, I threw a load of stuff out. And I feel so much better for clearing it too. Environmental harmony creates good mental feng shui, which in turn, will hopefully help me produce some good books. Well… that’s the theory I’m sticking to.

Plan Positive


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