Personality Plus

I’m more than halfway my revisions of Book I of the Talented – Emergent. It’s a huge revision, and I strongly suspect that by the time I manage to get through it, it could have potentially swelled to more than 100k of words in length. Eeep. I’m pretty sure my Editor will have something to frown about with that!

However, as I have been working my way through this book, I have had to opportunity to fall in love with my characters all over again. Some of the things that I have written and the ideas that I was playing with in the first draft… well… they are cool. And hopefully, by the time I finish the second draft, they will be even better.

I have two leading characters in these books, Ollie and Summer, fraternal twins, split between Light and Dark Talent, loyal to the opposing force.

And I love them, both for very different reasons. Of course they have different personalities etc, but they also have a unique grouping of cohorts/sidekicks around them that bring out different elements. This series has such a huge cast of characters, I have set up character sheets for eighty odd percent of them, so I can keep track.

Yesterday I revised the chapter where James Duvall enters the book, and damn, it was fun. James has Omniscient Telepathy. To try and explain that – it means he can do this: Transfer thoughts or emotions, read another person’s thoughts in close vicinity, or if he has had physical contact he can access their minds no matter what distance.

How fun is that?! Naughty James. Since he constantly has a lot going on in his mind, he can be quite reclusive sometimes, save for a few special people. Secrets and charms get him places with people, but to be honest, he would much rather screw with their heads just to watch a reaction. This is something Summer can find incredibly frustrating, but it’s fun for James.

He prefers to go against the system. And that independence and rebellion is good to write. Not to mention, James is hot. In a weird James way.

To give you a little taste – this is how Summer sees him for the first time: “Distinguished good looks drenched his features. Dark blonde hair, a strong and sculpted jawline, determined nose, and intelligent blue eyes looked back at her.”

Some characters are just great people to write, and I totally can’t wait to get more involved in my James Duvall revisions.


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