Glass half full – and words are flowing…



I’m consumed with a whirlwind of positivity at the moment, as I have launched into NaNoWriMo. I’m at nearly 10k already, and day 5 isn’t even over. This means that I have added on another 10k to Tijuana Nights, so now the WIP is standing at more than 30k. That means that I really only need another 50k of words to go, and this draft is done. No far to go! Finger’s crossed I can get this puppy written out in it’s entirety in November. That would make me super duper happy. 

But oh…. there is so much going on. Disaster after disaster is piling onto my Main Character, Mack. I just have to make sure that I tie up all the loose ends properly by the time I type ‘The End’. 

I’m loving writing this book though. It feels good. No, writing about taking down a Mexican Cartel is not pretty – especially not the research side of things… but in saying that, while I have to know the stuff behind it, I don’t have to write everything I have discovered. Someone once told me that yes, do as much research as you think you’re going to need at the initial outset, but only write in 1% of that. The rest of the book is based on your characters and their motivations and obstacles, and you can always do a little top up research along the way. 

So… the words are definitely flowing. Fingers crossed I get through this. 

While I’m still a burst of positive energy now, often I start slumping mid-November, and the last week is a huge motivator get my ass moving towards the finish line. Will be interesting to see if that happens again this year. 

As a side note – I changed my blog theme the other day, if you hadn’t noticed. 🙂 

Over and out – and writing. 



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