2014 Goals


I have a lot of goals outlined for this year, but I have so much going on at the moment – I have no idea when those goals will actually start making progress. However… Here is the general gist of my writing and designing plans for 2014. Whether or not these will actually happen, is another matter entirely.

1. Each year I partake in the Goodreads Reading Challenge… Two years ago I aimed to read more than 50 books, and achieved that number, largely due to the fact I was at home for six months as I had Abby. Last year I aimed to read more than 25 books, and finished up in the early-30s, as well as re-reading a series of six books that I didn’t count, and also critiquing manuscripts. This year I think I will set the challenge to be 30 books, knowing that I will also be critiquing books for my writer friends at the same time. 

2. Build up the business for Dwell Design & Press. It’s already getting a lot of queries at the moment, so I would like to continue building that business. Already this year I have been updating the website a bit, and collating different stuff together. Right now I’m wondering if I should be doing some ready to buy ‘pre-made’ covers, but I have no idea how well they would sell, or if it’s worth doing. Any thoughts on that idea?

3. Finish Tijuana Nights! Yes. This seriously needs to happen, and as soon as I possibly can! Right now I’m working on a particularly tough scene (2nd to last big one before the final wrap up)… and I’m struggling with it. I think I need to layer it more to ensure it has the right impact with the readers. It’s gory, and brutal, and emotionally scarring for my protagonist – and I really need to make sure I get that right.

4. Re-plan and write Venetian Nights. I’m excited about this book, and it’s not even written yet! It’s got the same base characters as Tijuana Nights, set in Italy in the fashion world. I am really looking forward to doing more research, and getting my characters moving again after Tijuana.

5. Release The Mediterranean Source. I don’t know if it will be traditional or published through Amazon yet – but I’m letting it go this year. I can’t keep hanging onto it. It has to get off my desk once and for all.

So, there you go. Those are five big goals that I have for 2014. Those, along with the rest of life at whatever Evil Day Job I have, and raising Abby is probably as much as I can handle at the moment. Last year was seriously full on, and I’m surprised I managed to get anything achieved at all.


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