Difficult Scenes to Write


I have been super-duper stuck on a scene I am writing for Tijuana Nights. It’s just SO complicated!

When I first started writing it, I was on a bit of a role, and I had the whole first part and the lead in to it completely worked out. And then when I actually got to the point of where all the nitty gritty detail came into it, I started to freeze up. I don’t know why – I just did. This is the second to last really big action scene in the book, and I know that I really have to nail it, because it’s the 2nd to biggest climaxing part of the book. 

So what have I done since I got stuck? Well – there has been a bit of design work happening which has been a nice distraction… and I also spent a lot of time breaking the scene down into little chunks – re-planned it, so to speak.

I have had really hard scenes to write in the past, but none have ever really had me this stumped before. A part of me wonders if it is because the book is written in 1st-person point of view, and I have never written from that perspective before… and the other part of me wonders that if I had written the book in 3rd Omniscient, whether or not that would have made writing this part of it easier.

But nothing I ponder at the moment is going to get this scene written.

So since I have broken the scene up into tiny wee chunks, I think I’m going to have to write it like that too – in little bites, and hope and pray that it all fits together okay at the end and not come across as too clunky.

One of my writing buddies told me to write the scene, and then let it go, and rewrite it. I think once I get it down, I will review his advice and see if I’ve hit the right mark or not. If I haven’t – it’ll be going through a rewrite.

I don’t believe I have writer’s block or the ‘middle book blues’ or anything like that, as this is the end of the book, and I know where I’m going with it and what needs to happen.


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  1. You could always just write it 3rd person, and then rewrite it first, if you truly think that’s a part of the barrier to getting it written. Sometimes, we just have to push ahead and get it wrong before we can figure out how to get it right.


  2. I hate endings more than middles. Part of it is trying to get it perfect and part of it is a wish to not finish the book — and part of it is the desire to get to the end of the book already! Making myself take a breath and Just Write the bloody scene helps a lot. You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it out, and then you’ll be able to go back and revise it, make it better. Best of luck,



    1. Yep – I would say that’s how it’s going to have to happen. I doubt I can get this scene down clean(ish) … probably going to be very messy…
      I do quite like the idea of writing it, ditching it, and then writing it again… often the mind is all jumbled to begin with, but once you get something written down, it’s a lot better to defrag from it and write it again more cleanly afterwards… Will just have to wait and see! I’ll report my progress 🙂


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