Contemplative Birthdays

Dream cake?

There is nothing quite like a birthday coming around that really makes you think about life and achievements.

It seems like yesterday I turned 21, or 25, and even 30 – but in reality – yesterday I turned 33. And I’m feeling older and wiser by the minute. 
You see, I still see myself as the girl who used to climb trees, or painted into the early hours of the morning, or who even partied through till the next day. But in reality – I am so not that girl anymore. You see, age is just a number to me now. I used to worry about it, and about getting old. But that’s the thing, you know. I wouldn’t be where I am today with my years of experience behind me if time had stopped at 21.

This year it was a lovely and quiet birthday with my family, and a few friends the day before. Some other friends want to do a mini-camping trip in my back yard one weekend soon, which should be fun, but it’ll be low-key. I am no longer the girl who can party through the night, and be okay to get up and get moving again the next day. And even though I don’t have that stamina anymore, I’m actually quite thankful. There is so much going on in my life like raising young Abigail, writing, designing, wifing, and working – that I simply just don’t have the patience to be hungover, and waste away a precious day when I could be achieving something spectacular.

My new bracelet/cuff

So yesterday I was lucky enough to receive a few beautiful gifts. Every writer needs a new kindle cover, care of my mother in law… and even writerly jewellery! – Care of my Mum (Picture inserted – place names out of my favourite story – Pride & Prejudice.) My husband gave me a gorgeous mounted sculpture, which is very feminine and stunning. And my birth mother, knowing how much I love my coffee, gave me a striking new red-stainless kettle for my stove. The thing that I love most about these gifts is just how well my loved ones actually know me, and know what I want and love. A lot of the time it’s the thought that counts, but these gifts were all incredibly well thought out and planned. And I love that more than anything.

There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish in my 33rd year on this earth, and each day is step towards those potential achievements.


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