Let’s talk about Love

Gorgeous Etsy Cushion – someone please buy it!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s day shouldn’t just be about the person sleeping in the bed next to you. When it comes to me – I celebrate everyone around me. My friends, my family, and everyone that I love. 

There are those of who have loved and lost, those of us who love and live, and those of us who live to love. I would like to consider myself to be one who lives to love. 

One of my favourite books is called ‘Guess How Much I Love You‘ and this is where the quote from the cushion is from. I love reading this story to my daughter, even though she can’t quite articulate just how deeply the bond runs between us yet – deep down she knows that I love her a lot more than just to the moon and back. 

I firmly believe that loving people makes our lives a lot richer, and makes it a life worth living. We were born to love. We were born to believe in something. And love for those beautiful people around us is an incredibly tangible belief. 

When it comes to my daughter, my family, and my friends – I love you beyond the moon and back. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. Xx

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