A-Z Blog Challenge

Okay – so I’m not entirely sure how it happened. Okay. I sorta do. A bunch of writers I know have all signed up to do the A-Z Blog Challenge this April – and somehow… don’t know how… I thought it would be a great idea to join in.

I’ll give it a shot anyway. Why?

Because I need a driver – a commitment to get my blog back up and cranking again. I know that I have been better recently, but I feel as though I need a little something more. I have no doubt – no doubt, that this will be a heck of a challenge. But I gotta start somewhere.

So on each day in April, dear readers, you will get a freshly pressed post, that represents a letter – in some way. Some of it may be on the shorter side, or may get repetitive depending on what’s happening in my life – but for the most part – I hope it’s entertaining.


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    1. You should! It would be awesome. Fab way to revitalise your blogging skills and meet new readers and people. I think I’m going to try and not blog too much about writing, but more on thoughts and whatnot – writing will always slip in a little though.


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