A is for Attitude

Today marks not only April Fool’s Day, but also the first day of my A-Z Challenge for April.

And today I want to talk a little about Attitude. I’m going into this blogging challenge with a great attitude. I do know that it’s gonna be tough going, or else it wouldn’t be a challenge – but at least I’m trying right? And who knows what sort of people I might meet along the way.

That, I’m seriously looking forward to. Connecting with new people.

Speaking of attitude, there are a number of people taking on this challenge this year, including a bunch of friends – and this is a massive thumbs up to them. Thank you for your continued love and support, and coming together as a team to tackle challenges head on.



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  1. Tomorrow is my younger sister’s birthday, April Fool’s Day (here where I am), and my first day of the A to Z Challenge. I can barely manage to get normal blog posts written. This is going to be fun. Here’s hoping that the both of us can get through this and have fun while we do it.


    1. LOL – I couldn’t agree more! I have been having issues commiting properly to my blog, so when a friend suggested I sign up for the challenge, I decided to make a go of it.
      My Dad’s birthday is in a couple of days, so I’ll dedicate a post to him 🙂


  2. Good luck, to both of you, Leigh and A.M! I’m psyched about this challenge. looking forward to coming up with new things as the days go by 🙂


  3. Adding my well wishes to you all. My attitude is “buckle up”. I have a second draft on my novel to do as well this month so I’ll be a busy boy, hanging on tight and enjoying the ride.


  4. Great post to start off the challenge! I love that little yellow smiley up there with all the blue ones. Happy blogging!


    1. Blogging every single day is defintiely going to be tough – especially when some weeks I can only manage one post! However, that’s all part of the challenge, right?


  5. Leigh, you are so right. Attitude sparks so many good things. All by itself it can turn a dreary situation on its head.

    When I drag myself to open the manuscript file and say (around a sigh), “Now I have to write,,” am I surprised that no ideas come? It’s all about attitude.

    I’m in this Challenge madness with you, and am also looking forward to meeting new friends. Thanks for the encouragement!

    For the Love of Storytelling


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