B is for Bad Guys

So… I’m reading through my book The Mediterranean Source, and I have come to realise that perhaps I need to make my Bad Guys, just that little bit badder. Might take some work, but I think I’ll get there.

You see, while reading this, I can’t help but think back to my Tijuana Nights book, where there is just so much badness with the bad guys going on, that this book feels a little tame. Tijuana Nights is about cartels and drug wars and all sorts of seriously nasty stuff, whereas this book is a completely different kettle of fish. Sort of. Still has drug lords in it, and there is definitely some seriously bad stuff in it – but after writing a bloodbath like Tijuana Nights – this is just very different.

And so – I will note all this down in my little notebook, and see what ideas I can come up with. Perhaps I need to reread Bitches, Bastards and Bullies again? Might give me some epic ideas to strengthen up my baddies.

How do you like your bad guys? You know the ones I mean – the truly awful antagonists of the story. I like mine to generally have a bit of sass, some smarts, and a whole other reason for being the way they are. One of my most favourite hated characters in literature is King Joffrey, from Game of Thrones. Oh my. I so passionately dislike him, I can feel myself getting completely and utterly worked up when I read the books, or watch the tv series. It’s ridiculous. But his inherent evilness just gets my back up. And that’s brilliant writing.


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  1. I like baddies with good motivation (good as in, worthy, believable, not ‘good’). Can’t wait to read TN! And to see what you do with a new look TMS.


    1. Ooooh, well. TN is in your hands now, so you can go for gold.
      All baddies have a motivation, and a driving force behind them. No one is inherently bad, just because. As writer’s, we really need to acknowledge that, and give depth to our baddie characters that will give them a good base for conflict.


  2. The fun of writing bad guys—and what this says about me might be scary—lies in the twisted rationale they employ. Their desired end more than justifies the means, it’s logical!

    Maybe it’s because my day job is teaching middle and high schoolers. I hear twisted rationalizing, like, a lot. 😀 Great post!


  3. Great bad guys really make a story sometimes. The best TV shows have antagonists I love to hate… Like Heroes with Sylar. And he was definitely hot. 🙂

    In my Flawed series, the psychopathic serial killer’s scenes were the most fun to write. So I can definitely relate.


    1. You are SO right – Sylar was a seriously awesome bad guy. I loved him. he scared the pants off me – but he was a totally fantastic character. I should really watch that series again… I loved it.
      Crazy people are great to write… Just not to know in real life. (Unless you wnat to use them for a case-study, that is…) LOL


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