Q is for Quiet time

As a creative I savour the quiet times. I really really do. Having those moments where I can really think, and dream, plan, and get inside my own head is just so valuable to me.

Often the times aren’t actually quiet, as I will have music in my ears. Or they will be as I lie on my bed by myself and just have the mental space to think.

I think mental space is so important, not just for those like me, but for everyone. Apparently, intuitive people will have quiet time, so that they can really listen to their intuition. I class myself as quite intuitive, and I will often listen to my gut – despite what other ‘rational’ people say around me.

What’s really amazing, is when I get the space and time to think – and I mean, really think and let my mind wander off, I can problem solve like you wouldn’t believe. I come up with oodles of brilliant new ideas, new plans, solving issues, or just having the mental space to let things go. I also find that when I get the quiet time space, I’m always in a much better mood and frame of mind.

Some might say, ‘Well that’s because you’re an introvert.’ But actually I’m not, I’m an Omniverta cross over between an introvert and an extrovert, a personality type that is often misunderstood or not recognised widely. When I’m in my creative space, I’m most definitely an introvert, and I’m often an introvert at home. There are some situations that force that extrovert out – like when I’m contracting at various Evil Day Jobs. I have to actually put myself out there. But I love people, and I love watching them. They inspire me.

But quiet time is my time, and that is something I seriously treasure.


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  1. I totally relate to that, although I’ve never heard of an omnivert and I would class myself as an introvert. I enjoy being with people but I get depleted by social interaction, and I need time alone to recharge my batteries.


  2. I love the picture your blog. I can totally relate to that, sitting in the shade under a tree, dreaming away. Am definitely an omnivore, love extrovert times but can also be very happy on my own. Thanks for your post!


  3. Hey, cool post. Haven’t heard of omniverts before, though I believe that there’s a spectrum between introverts and extraverts. Would omniverts lie somewhat in the middle? Very much an introvert myself, love talking to people, even new people, in small group situations, but can feel alone in larger crowds.

    Quiet time is definitely important, though I think I get enough of it, living alone and staying in a lot.


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