A small delay…

Hi everyone,

SMALL London Dusk - Leigh K. Hunt_Final CoverI would like to apologise, but the release of London Dusk is going to have a small delay! I’m now expecting release London Dusk out to my newsletter subscribers to be the 15th of July, and out to Amazon around the 20th of July. (You can sign up here: Leigh K. Hunt – Author Newsletter)

Why, you may ask? Well – a fairly significant family member is undergoing surgery next week to remove cancer, and I need to be at the hospital with her. Pushing the release date out was not a decision I came to lightly, but after having a few conversations with my editor about it, we agreed that it would relieve a bit of the stress from myself if I just pushed the release date. That’s the ultimate beauty of self-publishing. I don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule except my own.

So… That’s my news at the moment. Yes, I’m pretty stressed out. But I needed to push the date out in order to free up a bit of my mind to deal with what’s coming next week. Hopefully all runs smoothly though, and I can transition back into work.

Tijuana Nights is still scheduled for release on the 26th July, so that is all going to plan! I seriously can’t wait to release that book out to the world! Lots of excitement there.


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