LONDON DUSK – Releasing!

Hi everyone! 

London Dusk Promo KindleLoads of excitement happening here today – the ebook of LONDON DUSK is getting to newsletter subscribers tonight FREE! It hits the rest of the worlds shelves on 20th July. 

If you would like a free copy – sign up here:

And just as a little taster for you all – here is the blurb: 


McKenna Carmichael thought things couldn’t get worse – not after catching her boyfriend with another woman. That is, until Luke demands she pay him back for every expense he made in her name, and half the house.

The problem is, McKenna is already struggling to make ends meet, let alone raise the money Luke’s harassing her for. A friend offers a solution…if she’s game enough.

Become a high-end escort.

Can McKenna turn from a reclusive historian to sex-pot, or will it end up being more trouble than it’s worth?

Meet Mack in this exciting novella which leads into Leigh K. Hunt’s thrilling new Night’s series.


You can even add LONDON DUSK to your Goodreads lists now too! (All starting to feel very official!) 

Also – Tijuana Nights is currently in final production stages – and that’s releasing the 27th July! Remind me NEVER to release two books within weeks of each other ever again… it’s been chaos! At the same time, it’s also been a lot of fun though too!



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