Become a writer they said… It will be fun, they said.

Become a writerSo. I have been not writing. Why? you ask…

Well. I have been completely and utterly loaded with design work. Multiple book covers, two websites, and all that sort of whatnot is happening – just in my design world. Then I also have the Evil Day Job (which isn’t really that evil… ) and I’m apparently meeting and exceeding expectations in that area, which is great, but freaking hectic and stressful at the same time with some massive deadlines at the moment. Also – my toddler is growing and requiring even more attention and support every day. Which I am more than happy to give – after all – she only has one childhood – right? And then there is the worries I have about my mother and her health issues. None of this stuff helps, you know?

But I haven’t been able to write. Just a little has happened – but really not enough. Technically I’m more than a third through writing this book. But I’m desperate to get this book finished in October. It needs to be finished in October for December release. It’s just scaring the crap out of me with how far behind my own goals I am at the moment. Another 12 hours in the day would be super awesome right now.

Anyway. I need to realign my mental feng shui and try and sort myself out. That’s my mini-rant. Rant over.

You should be writing


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  1. I’ll adopt your darling toddler!! then you will have ooooodles of time to write ?? One of the benefits of the train over driving is the writing time… but then you wouldn’t be home til later… there’s just no real answer. Give up on Sleep!


  2. I was given the same advice or suggestion. “You should totally be a writer.” Really? Isn’t that what the blog is? Gosh golly, thank you for your holy suggestions that has never been offered up before!!!

    They clearly do not read the blog regularly.

    Write, they said. It will lead to $$… they said. Where is it?


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