The Nights Series: G is for Gabriel

GabeGabe, or otherwise known as Gabriel is actually one of my most favourite characters of the Nights Series. He’s a lot of fun to write, and in my own little endearing way, I just love torturing him.

Gabe is the genius of the team. He’s not your typical geekery looking bloke though. No… Gabe is actually rather hot. He’s just a whole lot of geek on the inside. I find that Gabe opens his mouth at inappropriate times, finds all things strangely hilarious on and YouTube. In terms of finding out who people really are in an electronic sense, he can profile them in a matter of hours. He knows that it’s not just about doing worldwide scans of the internet, but that it’s a targeted approach of elimination and isolating the relevant data.

Gabe was caught by the CIA at the age of sixteen as he hacked into their system. While Gabe was good, other hackers employed by the CIA managed to track him down. Instead of imprisoning him, they ended up employing him for covert operations. Gabe worked for the CIA for nearly ten years before River and Chase recruited him into Noctem Incorporated. But that… is a whole other story. One that may be told sometime into the future.

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