The Nights Series: H is for Hope

While there are days when I feel as though failure is a reality, there are more days in my life when I have this undying hope and positivity that everything will work out. It’s the process of creativity and writing. I just cannot believe that something as simple as harnessing my creativity gives me bountiful hope and love for the world. Including my poor characters who I put through the wringer.

quote_hopeHope stems from awesome writing sessions. It also floods me with hopeful possibilities when I have a new story idea. Don’t even get me started on the cover designs that happen, and what that does to me. As a creative, and an introverted one at that, I literally draw my energy for life from creating things. People who aren’t creative don’t seem to understand this concept when I try and tell them. But that’s okay, because unless it’s completely ingrained into the way they think, live, and gather energy from, it’s a very hard concept for non-creative people to comprehend.

The Nights Series is a big one for me. Hard core thrills and kills in each book, with a leading character who just hopes to make the world a better place by eliminating dark and dangerous people in society. I think that at the end of the day, I just hope that readers will love my books.

The only thing stronger than fear is hope.


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