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AvatarLeigh K. Hunt is a reader, writer, mother, and wife from the Land of the Long White Cloud, otherwise known as Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has a weird obsession with books like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pride & Prejudice, and adores Thrillers and Dystopian novels. To say that she lives in her own dreamy wonderland is an understatement.

As a child, her whole world was fantasy-based reality of tree huts, artistic endeavours, musical creations, and story inventions. She would only come back to the ‘real world’ to do the mundane things like feed the dog her broccoli or brussel-sprouts under the dining table.

If Leigh could have one superpower in the whole wide world, it would be to have the ability to fold space and time, so that she could be anywhere, at any time. Leigh loves travelling with a fiery passion, and exploring foreign countries, delving into different cultures, and immersing herself with the people.

In her adult life, she works full time, is a mother to a gorgeous but very lively two-year-old, and is married to her rock, Michael. She also has numerous mothers, fathers, and a couple of very special siblings who keep her grounded, despite her desire to permanently live inside her head.

To connect to Leigh, please visit her website: or you can connect with her on the social networks.
Facebook: Leigh-K-Hunt-Author/
Twitter: @leighkhunt

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Leigh also owns a design company – Dwell Design and Press, working for writers around the world doing Author Branding, Cover Design, Platforming, and designing book Promotional material. You can find her over at Dwell Design & Press



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  1. Welcome Chicka to the the world of blogging with WordPress!
    Looking at your blog now and loving the theme of it.
    I have already subscribed and look forward to reading your blog posts.


  2. I look forward to reading your blog, recommended by J. S. Chancellor 🙂 Congrats on all your work! I just read your comments today about the Middle Book Blues and too many beginnings. I’ve struggled with that too. I like how you said it was a foundation. I think that’s an appropriate term for developing authors.


    1. Hi Leah 🙂
      Welcome to my little world. I’m a big fan of JS Chancellor’s work, and was very surprised that she was a fan of mine! So thank you for joining me here on her recommendation!
      I really think that a lot of writers suffer from Middle Book Blues. But looking at those unfinished manuscripts in a positive light I guess is one of the only ways we can really learn from them. Some writers feel that they are failed products of their creation… and for a long time I used to look at mine like that. But those drafts will only make us better at what we do in the long run.
      Great to see you here, and I look forward to seeing you around 🙂


  3. Hello Leigh, found you randomly on Twitter! Your blog is really good. I also love travelling, spent 2009 in Sydney and Cairns but ran outta money so didn’t make it to New Zealand, although I met a few kiwi’s on my travels who were lovely and had the most awesome accents.
    Check out Write & Share is an advice page for writers and poets who are looking to promote their work and connect with other writers.

    Hopefully you will find it interesting and if you would like to share your work on our site dont hesitate to contact me! Cheers, Naomi Chance x


    1. Awesome to meet you Naomi! And thank you for the invite to the site! I’ll definitely check it out.
      A shame that you never made it here during your travels, but I’m sure that one day you will 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by at Parchment Place! Hope you enjoyed it.
      All the best, and I’ll check it all out 🙂 Today – I need to finish writing another 1500 words on my MS. Eeek.


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