In a world of angels and demons

I am completely immersed in the fight between good and evil.

My characters are all behaving against their own sets of moral codes, but that’s okay. They need to stretch out a little bit. To say that ‘they are acting out of character’ would probably be a severe statement for what they are doing. But they are starting to stretch my limitations a little. And very soon, I’m going to have to throw them all into dire straits, and see who comes out smiling at the end of it.

But we all have our own angels and demons, whether we are fictional characters or not. My demons are currently telling me that no, I don’t need to work hard to finish off this trilogy.

My angels are praising me for reaching my 8,000 word goal for the long weekend. It was a bit like flogging a dead horse when I was trying to write the last 1500 words… I eventually got there, but for seven of those hours – I was writing less than 100 words an hour. My husband was far from impressed, but there was no flaming way I was going to leave that library until I had them all down. It was torture.

My demons were telling me that Twitter and Facebook was a far more interesting and important prospect than writing. My angels sat there waiting patiently for me to finish.

In the midst of all this, each of my characters has their own music playlists that I listen to while I’m writing them. I find this incredibly useful for feeling the characters out, and getting into ‘their zone’. But due to the evilness of some of my characters, I have been listening to some incredibly dark music, that if you ever caught your daughters listening to, you would probably have them committed, or at least seeking psychological help. And then I also have the total opposite of music playing as well – classical, baroque, and music that represents all the light, goodness, and love in life.

And to top it all off, I am so immersed in this world that I have created, that I am dreaming about my characters and this world at night… when I’m actually just trying to get some rest from it all. If only I could record my dreams in some way… I think that this is where the tortured artist/writer starts coming in. Dreaming it, living it, and wishing that it would all just be over – but not.

I guess that I just never knew exactly how hard it would be to write a series… now I know… and it’s been a hell of a learning experience. I’ll miss these characters when I finish. In the meantime – I still have to finish this book off, and I have one more to go. Those angels and demons can push and pull me all they like… it’s still going to happen.

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