OmmWriter: the revolutionary way to Write

My dear friend Kim Koning thought that it was high time I hooked into a little something called OmmWriter. So, I took on her advice, and downloaded the free version that they had released for PC, named Dana I.

I had reservations about it to begin with, because it didn’t have all of the flashy lovely stuff that I like to play around with when I’m writing like font control, and formatting. It took over the entire screen so I couldn’t keep an eye on incoming emails, or check facebook or twitter easily. Whenever I typed something on the keyboard, I could hear the key sounds. And OmmWriter played this tinkly music in the background that wasn’t really my cup of tea. Don’t even get me started on what my initial thoughts were on the funny screen themes.

But guess what? Suddenly I had produced about 500 words of a random short story in the space of about fifteen minutes. Wow, I thought. I hadn’t been this productive with writing for ages, and suddenly I was pulling out fiction that I had no idea was even in me.

All of these things that I had initially thought were drawbacks in this software, were actually hugely beneficial. This was suddenly the perfect space for distraction free writing.

OmmWriter provided me this incredible focus with writing, and after a while I didn’t even hear the music anymore, and I was totally immersed in the Zen zone of organic writing. No emails to respond to. No one messaging me. No urgent facebook status update to dream up. It was a beautifully calm Zen writing space that I could delve into and potentially write my life away in. It was a wonderful revelation. My eyes were no longer getting sore from staring at a white screen for hours, and the key stroke sounds actually made me feel incredibly connected to my work. And I also discovered that I could turn off the Omm music, and play my own.

So if you are a writer, and you want distraction free writing without all the flashy sexy stuff, then download OmmWriter. It’s amazing, and the productivity you will feel is incredible. You will never regret installing this software. I have since upgraded to the full version, and even though it has a few more features, and more screen backgrounds, it was worth every penny of the donation that the OmmWriter developers ask for. Dana II rocks my little writing world.

So… writers… go forth, and get yourself Omm’d up. You’ll never ever regret it.


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    1. It would be a crime not to, Deena!!! You owe it to yourself. Just try the free version first, and then once you work your way around that – upgrade – because it’s wonderful.


    1. Yup – they have a free version (not trial,) which is half the size of the full version. The full version is really not expensive at all. In fact – they ask for a ‘contribution/donation’ for the full version – minimum of $4.11 🙂 They are awesome. Try it, love it, live it.


  1. So thrilled that you love Omm….not that I am surprised at all…it truly is a ZEN experience of writing…
    now let’s omm….


  2. Of all of the full screen text editors I’ve tried, this one is my fave so thanks for the heads up (from a few weeks ago now). While I’m keeping my novel in Scrivener (which also has a nifty full screen function, but not nearly as pretty), I’m loving Omm for my short stories. The ethereal theme really suits, almost like they were made for each other.


  3. Over here from Shewrites. Love your theme and set up. It’s simple and easy to navigate. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you Kate!
      I quite like it too. I did have something that was all flowerly and lovely… but then I thought that it really didn’t fit with the thriller style of writing I do… so I toned it down a little.
      Welcome to Parchment Place 🙂


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