Monday Musings

I know that I’m a little late getting this post out – but it’s technically still Monday. A few things have been happening, that definitely have me musing away.

  • My husband was incredibly productive over the weekend, and managed to get through a huge list of tasks that he had set himself. He re-gunked up the skylights, (so hopefully no more raining in my living room)… fixed my glasses… put the rubber thingees in the windows so I don’t have gale force winds coming through the house… he did about 3 loads of washing, and changed the sheets… installed some fancy-pants heating unit thing in our room that heats the room in hardly any time at all… and he did a few other things as well, that I just can’t recall.
  • Mother in law’s partner is staying at the moment, and he has been putting the handles on our sliding doors. Nasty finickity job, that he seems quite happy just pottering away at. Another dreadful task around our house getting done. All in all, it was an incredibly productive weekend around our house.
  • Editing and revising is happening on my book. I forgot how much I seriously love revising and editing. Analysis of the storyline, the characters, and all motivations really gets my mind ticking over… and this is happening. Slowly but surely. You can’t eat the elephant all in one gulp, and I’m chewing away at this mammoth task, working solidly through it. I’m not joking when I say that this is one book that I never really want to heavily revise and edit again. I can’t be bothered as I have a lot of other work that needs to be done on the writing front, and it’s about time that I let this one go and fend for itself out in the real world.
  • Speaking of revising and editing, the post that I wrote yesterday on that seems to have been generating some interest. Always good to know that every now and then my blog posts are meaningful to someone out there. 🙂
  • Lotto was won in the weekend, and by someone who is reasonably poor, with a good community spirit. I know that it’s a shame that it wasn’t me, but I’m pleased that it went to someone deserving of a break. 🙂 The chap is a forestry worker from the middle of no where, with a very humble sense of self opinion. Now that is the sort of person I want to win lotto.
  • I’m sad to discover that my neighbour has Liver Cancer. He has done a lot for us over the years that we have been living next door, and I know that this is an incredibly tough time for him. I had a good cuppa tea with him yesterday, and his faith is one of the things mentally getting him through. He finds out today whether or not its terminal. For someone so positive and active in life, it’s sad to see them fall to pieces like this.

So… I think that’s me for the moment. Ideas are flooding into my head at an alarming rate for books that I would like to write. But at this stage, I’m just taking them all as they come and storing them away for a rainy day. In the meantime, I have some revising and editing to do – not to mention a critique partner who is expecting the finished piece.

I hope that everyone has a super-duper week head of them.

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