Monday Musings

Well, this morning I get to sit here in my stripy jammies and dotty dressing gown, with my big doggy slippers on, and write my Monday Musings post. My Mum is here at the moment, and since she is here for such a short period, I thought that I would take the day off and spend some quality time with her.

I did get up early though to get in some uninterrupted editing time, and catch up on the emails. So… what’s on my mind at the moment?

  1. Editing and revising. Oh yes, this will be on my mind for quite some time, I fear. No, it’s not a bad thing… in fact, I love it. I cannot understand how people hate editing and revising. Okay – if I was under a tight deadline, then I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be so happy about it. But I’m not, so I’m good. I’m getting through it slowly. I need more dedicated hours and time to it though, and then I will get through it faster than I currently am. I just want this last revision and edit – to actually be the last major one on this book. And when I finish, it’s going out for a final read for some nit picking, and then I’m going to start submitting it to publishers.
  2. I only ever considered getting an agent once… and I put that notion out of my head when I decided to approach the smaller publishers first who accept unsolicited manuscripts for consideration. Once upon a time, a very long time ago – I dreamt of publishing with one of the Big 6. I still dream of that, but I am definitely in no rush. For me, it will be approaching the smaller publishers first and hopefully publish with them. I don’t want to try and tackle approaching a huge publisher straight off the bat… Since this is a career for me, I want to build it up. If I make it to one of the Big 6 one day, then I will know that I have succeeded with my publishing dream. Dream – not goal.
  3. My Mum bought me the most gorgeous book yesterday. Seriously. It’s a children’s book called….. ‘It’s a Book’ by Lane Smith. Here is a short video clip about it…


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