Parchment Place Celebrations!

I have been meaning to post this post for THREE WHOLE days… however, life just kept getting in the way. This is what happens when you are heavily pregnant and wrapping up your professional work life (EDJ)… and just trying to generally keep everything together. However… Today is my first day on Maternity leave, so I have a few spare minutes to think clearly.

First of all – I would like to say:

Yes – Parchment Place has officially turned 1.

It has been a hell of a year for Parchment Place. I have never run a blog before, so this has been a completely new experience. There have been times when it has been slow… and then even more times when it has been like driving a fast car. I have loved meeting people through this blog, and getting to know them. I have loved hearing everyone’s feedback. And it has spurred me into a different type of creativity… more of an entertaining ‘snippet’ type of writing, which uses a completely different set of writing skills. Some days I ramble on about writing (go figure…)… some days I ramble on about my work… some days I’m musing over Mondays… some days the posts are about me and my life or journey… but all in all – some form of it has to be entertaining.

Not only are we celebrating Parchment Place’s first birthday – but this celebration post is the 100th post for this blog. So it’s a double celebration! And had I been a little more organised, I would have sorted something like a giveaway or presents for readers or something equally cool. But maybe that’s something to organise for another day.

And finally… there has been a lot of readership of this blog. Some days it has had larger than life hits on it.. other days it has been nice and quiet. But overall – this blog had more than 20,000 hits on it in its first year. I have absolutely no idea if that is good or bad – but it works for me. That’s 20,000 more clicks to a site related to me and my writing – so I’m quite chuffed with that result. Who knows what year two will be like!

So I guess this post is a triple celebration for this blog. 1st Birthday, 100th Post, and a 20k hit rate in the first year.

Cheers everyone …. I raise my Mocktail to you! *clink* I wouldn’t be encouraged to write this blog if it weren’t for the encouragement and love from all you readers and subscribers out there. You guys are the ones that keep Parchment Place alive.


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  1. Congratulations on these wonderful milestones, Leigh! I’m glad I could be here and watch it happen! *raises glass* Here’s to another year, another 20k, and another 100 posts, at least!
    Much love,


    1. These are great milestones. I still can’t believe that this blog has been up and running for a year. It’s like my child has just had it’s first birthday or something. (Although… I guess when my child really does have its first birthday – it will be a lot more stressful and expensive than writing a post about it!)


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