Life as I know it

Well – this is a quick update on life at the moment. When I say quick – I really do mean quick!

Abby is growing loads, and is flaming heavy to cart around. But she’s gorgeous – and loads of fun when she’s not yelling at me.

My writing life has seriously come to a standstill… but I have been think about it a LOT! That is one task that I seem to have loads of time for at the moment.

I read a really great blog post earlier from a friend – on the six lessons that she has learnt as a writer. I thought that I should share Michelle’s words of wisdom with other writers out there… as they are important to note. So – here it is: 6 Things I Wish Id Known About Being a writer

And now I can hear that Abby is awake – Again. Time to be Mummy.



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  1. Glad to hear things are going well, if demanding. And don’t worrying about that writing – it will come back when you’re better placed to take it on. Meanwhile, think about how much better you’ll be at writing characters who are parents – and babies!


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