Because this is what it takes…

One day soon when my Evil Day Job winds up, I’m going to become a full time housewife, a mummy, and a writer… until something else comes up that captures my attention and pays the bills.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a damn interesting transition. There is going to be all sorts of timetabling and activities going on in our world. Socialising, exercise, nature walking, swimming, storytime, cooking, arts and crafts – and that’s all just the mummy side of the job. Then when Abigail is in bed, there is going to be cleaning, cooking, and writing. Cripes. How does one do all this?

I have no idea – that’s where the time tabling is gonna come in handy.

But in the meantime, I have been reading all sorts of blogs, and watching all these awesome TED talks… and I found one that really struck rather true. To be a writer, you just have to write. Every day. If this applies to writing, then the same theory can apply across the board. To be a housewife, I need to do something housewifely – every day. The parent thing is a bit of a constant – everything else gets put aside… and when I think like this, I know that my constant future role will always be in the parental realm.

In the meantime – have a read about the 15 things writers probably shouldn’t do.

And in the near future I’m gonna get to experience more amazing moments with Abigail like this one.


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  1. The timetable I used when I had little ones: Feed the kids, write, feed the kids and down for naps. Write. Feed the hubby and kids, get everyone in bed. Write.

    Yes, I got clothes and basic housework done but the rest of it sort of got a nod and a promise until I was ready to do it. Writing, I’m afraid, was too important to put as an “also”. No one missed out on anything, even if the house wasn’t perfectly shiny clean.

    Wish you the best, Leigh.


    1. Thank you! Yes, well… I guess whatever will work, right? Who knows – I may be pushed back into the workforce faster, cos seriously – I am NO Martha Stewart, by any stretch of the imagination.


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