Goldfish and 3 second memories

So… I planned on finishing my book this weekend, but it totally didn’t happen. Why? Because, destructively, I was so damn busy dreaming about all sorts of other things.
So I cleaned up my house, spring cleaned my library – now it’s looking damn beautiful. I also did washing, cleared out my daughters toys and excess clothing, went and hung out at the hardware store, socialized with a few friends, watched Game of Thrones episodes so that I’m all up to date before the new season (squee!), fixed a downpipe with my husband, cut up GIB board (drywall) to fix up a gaping hole in my living room wall, installed software onto my computer that I probably don’t need, stressed a little about my current contract I’m doing and what the hell I’m going to do to fix the problem, designed a book cover for a book I’m planning on releasing in a few months (more about that another time), and Oh… I nearly forgot.

I bought every damn Goldfish album I could. All 5.2 hours of it. FABULOUS.

So on that note – I will leave you (because I need to get up at some ungodly hour tomorrow) with a track that I have known for years but completely forgot about. Hopefully it will get you bouncing just like me.
Goldfish – 3 Second Memory – Because this is like my current state of mind. Three seconds later, and I’ve completely forgotten what I should have been doing – like WRITING!

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