March Madness

I can’t believe it’s March already. Seriously. It was just Christmas.

So – he’re’s the quick update. TIJUANA NIGHTS actually hit #53 for a while there in the ‘Organised Crime’ category of Amazon, so that was a whole lot of excitement!

Abby discovering balckberriesIn other news, Tijuana Nights also has a new cover designed, that will be released along with a massive update to the content of the book. While this is all VERY exciting,  it won’t happen for at least a few more days as I’m still in the guts of Venice Nights edits. But I’ll make sure I notify everyone when it does happen.

VENICE NIGHTS is actually coming along… slowly. I wish I could go faster, but with my daughter turning three, a crapload of birthday parties, family staying, and a lot of design work on – I haven’t really been able to focus too well on getting it done. Less than 100 pages now to go though, and then it’s back off to the editor for her final take on it. Fingers crossed I can get a huge chunk of it out of the way this coming weekend! (Along with two more birthday parties, and more family stuff!)

And once all of that is done… I’m delving back into drafting mode. I have a new book to write, that I need to get out of my system. Who knows if it will ever see the light of day, but I want to write it anyway 🙂

And now I should really skidaddle off and get some more work done.

P.S. Did you see the gorgeous new site update? Now this place is looking damn pretty.


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  1. I’m new to your site and find that it looks lovely. I found you through an early browse of fellow A to Z challenge bloggers. I totally agree with your sentiment about March–creeping up on us so quickly. Bravo to you for accomplishing so much with so many challenging and wonderful things going on in your life!


    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by! I think my life is always taking over, and I have seriously neglected my blog lately!
      Yes, I have signed up for the A-Z challenge once again this year. Only this time I think the focus will be around my books of The Nights Series, and that enormous world I have built!


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