The Nights Series: D is for Death and Destruction

Why write about a bunch of assassins? Well, why not. Assassins are fun – well, my lot are. Am I living vicariously through them? Goodness, no. I can’t even fathom the thoughts of ever actually killing someone. But I can write about people who do.

I’m not one of those people who are obsessed with death, but more interested in the technical side of things. Some people may find that I have a certain level of prescriptiveness when I’m writing killing scenes, but that’s honestly the way I prefer it. My assassins are professionals, and they each need a certain level of emotional detachment when they’re doing their jobs.

But not only does my fictional team assassinate people, but they will do missions that could be information gathering, or watching people on behalf of others. Yes, killing people is their primary business, but they really do have their hands in a bunch of other pies as well. This gives them a wider range of experience, as well as depth to draw on throughout the novels.

Gabe in particular, is very very good at spying on people electronically. He believes that everyone leaves a trail, especially in a world as electronic as it is today.

Chase is a little bit like James Bond in a lot of ways. Incredibly skilled at luring in women, changing up his appearance, and shooting to kill. He’s a black and white character at face-value, with a whole lot of complications.

River, while being a zen-like character, is also a military cowboy. He loves blowing shit up, and playing with his toys. He has underground weaponry rooms, and there is nothing he likes more than having something new and shiny to play with when he gets the opportunity.

Mack is new to this world, but she seems to just stumble into situations where something seriously goes wrong. Usually it starts with the destruction of a luxury car, and everything spirals out of control from there.

Death is good business, but destruction is actually fun.


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