A quick update!

An update…

As much as I want to tell you all that Wildest Dreams is finished – it’s still not! Every now and then I get a little bit done on it, but then there are many days in between that I don’t. I’m feeling more like writing it these days – so I’m making progress here!

I never really knew just how hard I would take my mother’s death, and I guess anyone who loses a parent is wildly unprepared for it. Besides that, I have been busy! I really have been. Some of the time I’m reading amazing books…. Other times I’m hanging out with Abby, and other times I’m working with the family on prepping our house to be put on the market. Then there is this super-secret project I’m working on as well, which may come to light in the future, but it also may not.

This weekend Au Contraire is on in my home town, and a bunch of amazing authors are all coming together to embrace their inner geekery. I can’t wait to catch up with them, and have some solid and inspiring writerly discussions.

AND, PARIS NIGHTS has been planned! The outline is there, I just need to work out a few more things, and I totally can’t wait to delve into Mack’s world and write it. SO excited! Mack the assassin is coming back! My wall at my office is even covered with inspiration for the book. I’m mentally getting prepped, and I honestly can’t wait. Here’s the general gist:

2016-06-02 13.01.25


Mack is relaxing in London, taking some down time, when she gets a call from River. River explains that while he knows that she’s not on the market for work right now, he could seriously use her skills as a historian to help with a new job – an art heist from a wealthy entrepreneur in Paris.

Reluctantly, Mack agrees – more so because she’s excited at the possibility of something new, and not just being a contract killer.

Her relationship with Chase is still in a bit of a holding pattern, and they have decided to just take it slowly, but she knows that she definitely doesn’t want to muddy the waters by working with him again so soon.

Pierre Deveraux has been a well-known art collector for a long time. He’s an entrepreneur in software development, and has made billions from the booming App industry. Mack and the team are commissioned to heist a piece of artwork back from him, a painting by Henry Fuseli, which was taken from a family in WW2 by the Nazis, and was never recovered. The family believe this painting has significance in the family history, and have heard that Deveraux has it.Having lost her parents, Mack understands the importance of family heirlooms, and agrees to help River set this family’s world right.

But when they find out that Deveraux is actually laundering money for Islamic State, things start getting sticky.

So, what have I been reading lately?


Victoria Aveyard books

I’ve5 stars gotta say it…. These books are amazing. I’ve now proclaimed that Victoria Aveyard is on my list of favourite authors.

The world that she has built is just so damn conflicted, where anyone can betray anyone. The stakes are high, and so is the body count. If you liked the Hunger Games, The Selection, Shatter Me, or even Game of Thrones – then you will probably love this series.



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