Music, the pathway to my soul

I know that the majority of this world loves music in some form. But I’m obsessed.

My parents (I have three parents, minimum…) have the most incredible and diverse taste in music. And I think it’s rubbed off. My brother and sister are the same. They have the most incredible and diverse musical taste as well. They are like me though when it comes to listening to Country music though… they can’t stand it either! (Sorry Country music fans!)

But I don’t think that this has all stemmed from my parents. Maybe it’s just the way how our brain processes music. I think that my brain must just absorb it at an incredible rate, and then crave for more. All day, every day – I listen to music. At work, I have my headphones on, listening to the beautiful lulls and highs of notes. At home, I have set up a sound-system in EVERY room so that I can have music wherever I am in the house. Even in my library, where I write – I have soundproofed the walls so that my husband doesn’t have to listen to it while I’m working, and he’s trying to watch TV.

People often ask me what my favourite genre of music is. While I love all genres of it, except Country, I would have to admit that my favourite is Drum and Bass. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s because of the way that it makes my heart race, or the way it slows down, and then picks up again. Maybe it’s the way that it makes my brain react? I love listening to the different layers of sound and rhythm within it, and I seem to feel a lot sharper and focussed when I have it playing. (Like now… J )

But even when it’s a chilly winters evening, and I’m nursing a glass of Drambuie on the rocks while pouring over the manuscript – what’s playing in the background? Well, most of the time it’s Classical, other times its Latino. Then I head to bed on those wintery nights, feeling warm, relaxed, and ready to tackle my manuscript again with renewed energy in the morning.

It was my Mum that started me listening to music while I was studying at School. She would sort me out some Baroque Classical music, and make me listen to it while I studied my little heart out. She said something about how it would improve my brain capacity for retaining information.

I’m not entirely sure if she was right or not, but I certainly enjoyed listening to the music. By the time I entered Tertiary education, I was constantly listening to music while studying. At that stage, I was rather partial to Grunge rock. Still am in a way! It was during my first year studying, that I discovered Drum and Bass. There are also many variations of music that I love ranging from Electronica to trance to House to Dubstep to Hip Hop to almost everything.

A bit of music goes a long way in my mind. Not to mention, it goes a even further when I’m writing books. There are a multitude of playlists saved into my laptop that I listen to when I’m writing my little heart out. Even character and scenario playlists.

Music is the pathway to my soul. My whole life is somehow centred around this incredible creation – in one way or another.

And for anyone who wants to listen to a beautiful piece of Drum and Bass – here is a little drum and bass gift from me to you.


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  1. I agree…I love music too. My favourite music to write to would be classical or latino or jazz and I am lately getting into opera as well. Love rock,reggae,hip hop, blues…Music is a tap of creativity I find. I play it and the tap opens and the feeling of being stopped up releases and creativity pours forth like water.


    1. Totally Kim! Music is a form of creativity that I can relate to on every different level. Wonderful stuff. And the inspiration it gives to my creative mindset is something that I don’t think anything else can. Yes, nature etc. is inspiring and all, but there is nothing quite like the music that ingrains its way into you.


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